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Beginner Rug Hooking : Hook a small placemat or circular wall hanging

The hardest thing about rug hooking is finding the supplies! Seriously, these tools are delightfully mesmerizing and hard to come by.  You probably won't find a single rug hooking book at chapters, and you can't even get a hook from the "mother-store" Michaels. You gotta hit up a specialist for these hard to find items. Once you have the necessary tools, rug hooking is very fluid and free, a relaxing creative outlet! 


PROJECT: Students will hook a small placemat or circular wall hanging in an embroidery hoop.  A simplified version of the pictured pattern will be available.  Other options are bringing in your own pattern (we'll trace it onto the backing) or creating as you go for the free spirited. 

DISCUSSION: Wool cutting, hooking techniques, stencilling patterns onto backing and finishing techniques.  Tips on how to identify wool in second hand stores and a list of suppliers

PREREQUISITE: None!  Rug hooking is super easy and no experience is necessary