10-19-19 Displacement Dye: Acid Dye for Wool Yarn


10-19-19 Displacement Dye: Acid Dye for Wool Yarn


11- 1pm

Instructor: Cec Caswell

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Using the displacement dye technique, dyers can achieve a colour gradation using one dye bath. This simple method is an excellent way to incorporate shading into your wool projects such as rug hooking, knitting or weaving. Join us for an afternoon of displacement dyeing using four dye baths to achieve sixteen unique shades of wool yarn.

Instructor: Cec Caswell $65 (all project materials provided)

Project: Students will dye four shades of four different colours, for a total of sixteen 1 meter long strands of wool.

Using ProChem Washfast Acid Dye and 2 or 4 ply Briggs & Little wool yarn, students will observe a demo of the displacement dye technique. We will use four dye baths with shades blue, yellow, green and pink. After the demo students will form groups to reproduce the technique with the remaining three dye colours.

Prerequisite: None, this is a beginner workshop and all are welcome!

Note: Class size limited to 12 people.  All materials provided, cancellations must be made 48 HOURS BEFORE class date for full refund. Class subject to cancellation if minimum registration of 6 people is not met. Class end time may vary by 15 minutes. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class start time.